Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Opening Up to Possibilities

I pride myself in never asking my students to do something I wouldn't do myself. It's something I tell them all the time. And, I truly believed that I was practicing what I preached.

Recently, I realize that I was doing my students a great injustice. Every day, I was asking them ... insisting really ... to do something that I was not demanding of myself.

I stress how important it is for them to always, and I do mean ALWAYS, do their very best, never let anyone tell them what they can or cannot do, live up to their fullest potential, and never give their choices away. Sound advice. I would tolerate no less.

Sadly, what I realize is that I have not been demanding the same of myself. Not really.

I wasn't trying not too ... on the contrary - I thought I was. But what I've come to accept is that I'm simply not. I know I have more potential in me than I allow out, although I strive to do my best, I don't seek out the optimal situations to do it in, I let others define me and accept those definitions as my own. In short - I'm not practicing what i'm preaching.

So as I begin this new year, I've brought a new focus into my life. It's not a "resolution" - I've never been big on those. They're just too easy to break. It's more of a focus on life. It's pretty simple but, if I can do it everyday, it will be extremely powerful.

Open myself up to all possibilities ... each and every day ... one day at a time.

That's it. But I know by doing this, really focusing on doing this every minute of every day, I will be more true to my students. And, more importantly, to myself.

The cool thing is that not only do I have a new focus for the year, I have a new focus for my blog. Welcome to my journey. I hope you'll hang on for the ride. And, by the way, thank you for reading, following ... whatever it is you do. I so completely appreciate it and I never take it for granted.