Thursday, November 26, 2009

And so it begins ...

So, as the title of my blog says, people have always told me I should write. The truth is that I've always loved to write. Yes, I was the geeky kid in school, college, and graduate school who was actually happy - relieved even - when they said the "test" would be essay. "Yes!" I cheered to the total dismay of my fellow classmates.

When people began reading things that I had written, they would eventually say, "Wow! You should write!" OK ... exactly how was I going to accomplish this task. The only way I thought people "wrote" things was to write a book. And, come on, how was I going to actually write a book, not to mention get a publisher to want to publish it, and then find people (not related to me) who would pay money to read it!

So I never thought I would write, at least beyond my own journals, etc. Then I saw that people blogged. I stumbled onto other people's blogs and really enjoyed reading what they posted. There was this world, totally unknown to me, where people were able to write.

But, alas, how does one become a "blogger"? Truth be told: I wasn't even sure if that was the correct term. Again, I felt this was some mysterious, evasive process that I was on the outside looking in.

As it turns out, ANYONE can blog! So, here I am, creating my very first blog. Wow! I feel so accomplished! The good news: I'm writing. Something I've always wanted to do. Another positive: I don't have to pay for this AND I didn't have to track anyone down to "publish" me. The not-so-good-news: I still haven't figured out exactly how one gets people to read or follow or join or whatever it is you do to get people to know you're out there!

Nevertheless, here I am, writing, and enjoying myself. I hope that others "find" me and enjoy what I write as well. Until then, I'll have my own, personal celebration ... here's to writing!

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